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Migration Information Resource Centre in Nashik

Disha’s recent study revealed that there are approximately 4 lakh temporary labour migrants in Nasik city who are engaged as unskilled and semi-skilled workers in construction, agriculture and other informal economy. These migrants are mainly from tribal blocks around Nasik, drought prone areas of Maharashtra and other states such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh. Migrants urban poor are particularly vulnerable because of their alien status, irregular employment, widespread illiteracy and reduced capacity to negotiate better access to basic civic amenities. They mainly reside in unauthorized slums, open spaces as squatters, where they often face consent threat of eviction, removal confiscation of goods and almost non-existent social security cover.

MIRC for Migrant Workers

Disha has extended its established model i.e. Migration Information Resource Centre’s for migrants and other unorganized sector workers in Nasik. Facilitation for positive migration though Migration Information and Resource Centre (MIRC) is core of all activities of Disha. MIRCs covers Nasik city (as destination) and 4 blocks- Harsul, Nasik, Peth and Trymbak of Nasik district (source areas). These MIRC’s facilitates migrating families for skill training, job placement and access to all basic social security services before and during migration at source and destination level.

Registration-The union’s ID card process is very effective among migrants, many of them has benefit of the card against police harassment, wages exploitation from contractors, and even as a reference document to get benefit of government schemes such as ration card, voters cards and other welfare schemes.

Legal Aid & Grievances Handling Cell

• An official platform for migrants for addressing their exploitation at work cases.
• Active involvement of labour department and District Legal service authority to address the migrant’s cases.
• Empowerment of volunteers and community leaders among migrants as paralegals to take up and deal with legal /exploitation cases.


• Health awareness events, health camps and health linkages.
• Migrants made aware and empowered to gain access to government health services. • Increased Awareness level and empowerment among migrant to access and demand the services before and during migration

Financial inclusion

• Financial literacy awareness among migrants.
• Tie made with banks to open Bank accounts of migrant workers.
• Bank accounts, insurance and pension schemes services linkages provided to migrants.

Social Security Schemes

• Awareness building on social security schemes and linkages support offered for accessing government documentation support such as
AADHAR/ PAN/Voter ID/PDS/Driving license etc.
• Linkages with other social security services provided to access various government schemes meant for migrant workers

Capacity Building training

• Selection of leaders at source and destination, their regular training and capacity building .
• Migrant leaders able to demand and access Government services, rights and entitlements.

Strengthening & linkages of Labour Force

• Compilation of skilled workforce data for job linkages in construction, hospitality sector.
• Better co-ordination among employers and employees, which can suit the needs of employers for skilled workers, and help migrants for gainful employment on regular basis.

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