The challenges for migrants and underprivileged due to Covid19 are unique, and have amplified their existing vulnerabilities .

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Disha’s Initiatives for Migrant Workers During COVID-19

Migrant workers are especially vulnerable during the nationwide lockdown due to Covid19. Most such workers are daily wage labourers in unorganized sectors and are facing extreme problems both at destination and source areas. Workers stuck in destinations cities and towns mainly at destination locations suddenly don’t have livelihood and are facing issues of lack of wages, food and sustaining their families.

Campaign Against Covid-19


Disha is working at multiple locations to mitigate some of these unique issues faced by migrant workers, urban poor and daily wage labourers. These locations are -

  • Nasik and Nagpur district of Maharashtra state
  • Gurgaon – NCR Delhi
  • South and North Goa- Goa state
  • National Awareness Campaign for Migrants

Disha’s Interventions for Migrant Workers during COVID19

  1. Awareness on COVID-19 - Disha has created awareness campaign for migrants about prevention, hygiene, social distancing, isolation and combating stigma among migrants and urban poor.

  2. Fundraising campaign - Disha has launched fund raising campaign to support migrant. CLICK HERE FOR DONATION

  3. Food Security - Disha has provided food ration kits at worksites/construction sites among 5000 migrant families. Kits includes dry ration for two-three weeks.

  4. Hygiene kits - Disha has distributed of 2000 personal hygiene kits for migrants in shelters/worksites, quarantine homes. Kits includes bath and cloth soaps, toothpaste and brush, shampoo, comb, masks.

Disha's collaboration with Govenrment to support migrants during COVID19

  • Disha has been working with local administration at Nasik to help setup quarantine facilities in rural areas for returnee migrants outside villages.

  • Rescue of Stranded Tribal Workers - Disha had rescued 1200+ tribal migrant agricultural workers who were struck in grape farms and other worksites. Data was provided to Tribal Development Department for rescue of such workers, department provided active support to rescue these workers.

  • Guideline for Shelter Staff - Disha has provided support to District Health Office for development of guidelines for government human resource of migrant’s shelters who cater various services to migrants. These guidelines are shared widely in the Maharashtra and other stats as a good practice. CLICK HERE FOR GUIDELINE

  • Comprehensive Mental Health Support Programme for Migrants - Disha Foundation along with Nasik Municipal Corporation and District Collector office have launched a comprehensive mental health support programme at the Shelter Homes for Migrant Workers & Shelter staff in Nashik district. The program provides psycho-social and social protection support to migrants and address their frustrations, anxieties and fears stemming from various concerns during lockdown.

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