Mobile Migration Support Centre in NCR-Delhi

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Interventions to Assist Migrant Workers Affected Due to Covid19

Migrant workers in NCR Delhi - Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida are facing issues of livelihood and sustaining their families due to COVID situation.

Disha foundation with CSR support from Sinochem India Ltd. has setup Mobile Migrant Resource and Information Center (MRC) which plays role of facilitators to provide immediate support during COVID situation in terms of legal aid, job placements and access to entitlements and public services, Positive facilitation for migrants is done through various activities to make their migration safer and productive.

Disha has pioneered a mobile Migration Support Centre for migrants and other unorganized sector workers in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida with support of Sinochem India Ltd. We are promoting various support activities for these workers in collaboration with their employers mainly contractors and builders. Our mobile van is well equipped with IEC material, health camps, financial literacy /inclusion and legal support.

We reach migrant workers and unorganized sector workers wherever they are at a convenient time of their choice and provide them all the support they need via mobile centre and our mobile application and helpline – ‘Shram Gaurav’.

Legal Aid & Grievances Handling Cell

• An official platform for migrants for addressing their exploitation at work cases.
• Active involvement of labour department and District Legal service authority to address the migrant’s cases.
• Empowerment of volunteers and community leaders among migrants as paralegals to take up and deal with legal /exploitation cases.


• Health awareness events, health camps and health linkages.
• Migrants made aware and empowered to gain access to government health services.

Financial inclusion

• Tie made with banks to open Bank accounts of migrant workers.
• Financial literacy awareness among migrants.
• Bank accounts, insurance and pension schemes services linkages provided to migrants.

Social Security Schemes

• Awareness building on social security schemes and linkages support offered for accessing government documentation support such as
AADHAR/ PAN/Voter ID/PDS/Driving license etc.
• Linkages with other social security services provided to access various government schemes meant for migrant workers

Capacity Building training

• Selection of leaders among migrants.
• Capacity building of Migrant’s leaders to demand and access the services.

Strengthening & linkages of Labour Force

• Compilation of skilled workforce data for job linkages in construction, hospitality sector.
• Better co-ordination among employers and employees, which can suit the needs of employers for skilled workers, and help migrants for gainful employment on regular basis.

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