The Capacity to learn is a Gift; the Ability to learn
is a Skill; the Willingness to learn is a Choice.

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Migration of parents leads to high school drop out of their children. Disha's prime concern is to mainstream migrant children into education at destination cities.

Disha has developed liaison with government educational facilities to mainstream migrant children in city of Nasik. So far Disha has started bridge schools for migrants with active support of Sarva Shiksha Abhigyan and Municipal Corporations.

These schools are operated at the migrant’s halt point during their migration period, the academic period of school is 6 months, and children get graduated and move to next class in this period.

For those who preferred to find permanent schooling for their children, links are made with ashram (boarding) schools close to seasonal migrants' villages of origin to enrol migrant children.

Disha has also set up several informal education units at the work sites of migrants, with active support of employers of migrants.

Disha is actively advocating to set up formal mechanism for mainstreaming migrant children at destination locations across India under the umbrella of Right to Education Act.

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