Livelihood is not about Finding yourself.
Livelihood is about Creating yourself

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The task of developing skills of informal sector workers especially migrant workers is complex and challenging. Many leave their homes at an early age with poor or no skill-sets and enter the market with limited bargaining power.

Statistics indicate an estimated 92.6% of persons in the age group of 15-59 not having received any form of skill training. They are compelled to take up low paid unproductive jobs in the informal sector. This target group is still underserved, with limited opportunities of skill training. Thus, developing skills of informal sectors workers has emerged as a key area of Disha’s vision to improve the quality of life and reduce the vulnerabilities.

Disha has focus on skill building and up-gradation in construction, agriculture and hospitality sector. Disha has tied up with existing government’s livelihood programs that increased its accessibility for migrants suitable for both rural and urban market,Our key stakeholders are Industrial Training Institute, National Skill Development Corporation, CREDAI, Symbiosis Institute for operations management,Institutes of hospitality management, Department of Tribal Development, Agriculture and social forestry department. We have developed tailor maid trainings for the migrants with certification. This certification has helped them to obtain better jobs and increased income.

So far Disha has conducted more than 3000 trainings and more than 10,000 workers are trained in different trades in construction, agriculture and hospitality in last 7 years.

Similarly, Disha has encouraged entrepreneurship development among migrants. Disha has supported various small start ups of migrants such as small agency of contractor in construction industry, set up of small restaurant, set up of small fabrication unit etc.

It looks like this initiative will be more necessary for many migrants who wish to set up their small enterprises, as many of such workers have approached Disha for support. Disha has build on these achievements and planning to initiative exclusive skill building, job linkages and start up initiatives for migrants.

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