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Migration & Development

Seasonal migration for livelihood among poor groups is a growing phenomenon in India due to rural impoverishment, rapid industrialisation, and urbanisation. The latest 64th round of National Sample Survey shows a figure of 30 million on internal migration from rural to urban areas. Schedule Tribes and Scheduled Caste groups are more prominent among such migrant population in India. While various estimates based micro level studies suggests that the figure of migrant workers is close to 100 million (~ 10% Indian population) who contribute more than 10% of national GDP.

Currently, India has few or no structural policies or programmes targeting the migrant issues in totality and this segment of the population still faces exclusion from the various mainstream programmes.

Disha Foundation is the pioneering organisation of India, working with migrant communities and government authorities to respond to contemporary challenges in Maharashtra and at national level. Please read more about our Safe and secure Labour Migration Support Program.

Do You Know

Disha Foundation is declared as Centre of Excellence in Migration, Health & Development by Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India.

NITI Aayog, Government of India has appointed Disha Foundation as a Member of CSO standing committee - sub-committee for migrant workers, to contribute to  enhancing and forming policies and programs for migrant workers in India

Estimated migrant workers in India are 120 million i.e. 10% of the total population of India

Highest employers of migrants are Agriculture sector (60 million), Construction sector (40 million), Domestic work (20 million), Textile (11 million), Brick kilns (10 million)

Major labour migration take place from less developed states to developed states of India

Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand are highest labour sending states, which are also known as 'Source States'

Maharashtra, NCR Delhi, Gujarat, Kerala are highest labour receiving states, which are know are 'Destination States'

Disha's Advocacy efforts for addressing labour migration in India

Disha works with empowerment based approach, and aims to institutionalize migration into government system; to create pro-migrant response at state and central government through appropriate programs and policies.

Disha’s initiatives has some success in galvanizing the administration such as temporary food ration cards, education benefits to migrant children, grievance handling with Labour Department, developing health referral system with government health services, and creating pro-migrant response of central and state government to address migration issue in totality in Maharashtra (Mainly migration of SC/ST communities). But it is apparent that the administration will need pressure as well support while developing institutional framework for migrant inclusive programs till the mainstream of migration happens at larger scale.

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