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Policy Advocacy

Disha is uniquely positioned to build on its grassroots experience and provide strategic leadership on migration governance and management. Disha provides information, advice and support to further the efforts of its stakeholders to develop effective national, regional and local migration management policies and strategies. One of Disha's strategic priorities in the area of migration management is to contribute to increased dialogue between migration stakeholders at regional and local levels. This strategic priority complements and enhances another of Disha?s strategic priorities, which is to support governmental capacity to address and manage migration flows through effective policy making, policy dialogue, and information sharing.

Disha has been actively engaged in advocacy and policy dialogue with local, state and national government to bring pro-poor policies, especially for migrant workers in India.

Disha is recognized as leading and pioneering NGOs in creating institutional response on labour migration at below levels:

● Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Ministry of Tribal Development Maharashtra State has initiated India's first of its kind Tribal Migration Research and Resource center – Disha is lead agency for technical support and operation of the center

● National Commission for Scheduled Tribes has developed comprehensive National recommendations for addressing tribal livelihood migration based on Disha’s model. This is India's first policy framework to address labour migration. These recommendations are under implementation by Ministry of Tribal Affairs in all Tribal States of India

● Disha was National Convener of National Coalition for security of Migrant workers – network of NGOs, academia’s and researcher’s during the period of 2010-2013

● Bihar Government has requested for technical support to Disha for set up of Bihar migration program

● Anjali Borhade, Director of Disha foundation is one of the members of Task force constituted by Ministry of Labour and Employment, GOI for amendment in Interstate Migrant Workers Act 1979.

● Disha Foundation has become a convener of national platform for migrant workers for bringing together network of civil society, trade unions, media, researchers and practitioners called ‘National Coalition for Security of Migrant Workers’ from 2010-2012

● Disha Foundation is actively engaged in drafting a policy draft for comprehensive national policy for migrant workers in India with different network members and stakeholders.

● Disha has contributed for development of first labour policy, drafted by Labour Department, Government of Maharashtra

● Disha was specially invited by Planning Commission for providing recommendations for Inclusion of Migrant workers in India in XIIth five year plan.

● Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Contemporary Studies, a think tank of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Delhi has commissioned a national research paper ‘Emerging needs for comprehensive national policy for migrant workers in India’

● UNESCO, India office has appointed Ms Anjali Borhade, Director, Disha Foundation as one of the Advisor for their initiative on addressing policy needs for migrant workers in India.

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